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Hey Hi Hello


| Icy | Person | 16 | Single | Leo |

Call me Icy

I would love to believe I live in Narnia with talking animals, but of course I don't.. I live in the ghetto yo. That's all you need to know.
I am very very very very very anti-social. The internet is where I go for my social activities. WHICH, you cannot judge and say I have no life or something because actually i've met some of my best friends on the internet. SO IN YOUR FACE.
Being able to spend time with them and meet them was the highlight of that year. Although I have yet to meet one, I'm hoping that will be soon!

My moirail is Charlie<>
school would be 10x more hard on me without them..

I'm an aspiring cosplayer, mostly homestuck for now other things in the future! Charlie and I are going to start attending conventions and cons, meet ups etc.

I've got some issues socializing correctly, but as far as I can say I'm not that bad of a person, so I mean if you wanna talk all you have to do is say hello~ c:



Commission information

If you're interested in a commission, comment below
I do NOT do commissions of humans as of right now

Bouncy's 70:points:
Shipping Bouncy's 95:points:
(Colored Lineart +10) (Shading+ 5)

IcyxSketch by Icyiblu:Gift: Ace by Icyiblu

Chibi's 50:points: (shading +5) (Additional Characters +10 each)
Chibi Icy by Icyiblu

Full body 80:points: (Shading+5) (Additional Characters +10 each)
Four Of Us by Icyibluecho CO EXAMPLE by Icyiblu

Full body+Background 100:points:
(Shading included) (Additional characters +10 each)
Alone In This World by IcyibluThe Real Ender 2014 by Icyiblu As long as it takes by Icyiblu

Headshots 50:points: (Shading +5) (ONE character only)
Echo :CO: by IcyibluIcy by Icyiblu

(Speedpaint of your commission is +150:points:)



NekoMangaka Stamp 2 .:Req:. by KoumpounoayameIcy stamp by yodobutts

Art information

:bulletblack: I don't do Kiribans
:bulletgreen: Commissions are OPEN
:bulletblue: Ask about Requests
:bulletblue: Ask about Trades
:bulletblue: Ask about Collabs
:bulletpurple: Gifts are for friends only

I didn't think I'd ever manage to get watchers but I still drew for the fun of it. THEN HERE WE ARE TODAY. I have around 100+ watchers, which seriously guys? I love you all, this means a lot to me.

Contacting me

If you're interested in commissioning me, trading with me, or a request, you can leave a comment below.
warning I do tend to take longer to see comments rather then if you send me a private message.

If you're curious to if I have an account on another site or app, such as snapchat or skype, and want to friend me or follow me there. I promise you all my accounts have the name of Icyiblu.

If you have any questions or simply just wanna talk to me go right ahead~


The Babes


it was weird though I swore to eliminate by NekoMangaka



Character Refs

Click the characters for their references


Echo's and now Yodo's box is here

Ok really. I think Icy is the person on here that understands me more than anyone else. She knows what it's like to want to give up, but she hasn't. She has stayed strong this long, and I know if she ever feels like that again, ever, I know she'll stay strong. She has been a huge inspiration for me and she doesn't even know that. When I see her artwork, I am always so happy to see her improve so much since I first watched her. Plus, I am happy to know that she is happy right now. She deserves all the happiness she can possibly get.
Icy is a very kind person, and no matter what, she will listen to me whenever I need to talk to someone. I feel bad when I do that, because it makes me feel like a burden to her, but she acts like she doesn't mind, and she hasn't snapped at me once for it. She has the same kind of vibe to her as one of my real life friends. She's the kind of person that people like me can't help but get attached to. She is very important to me and I want her to keep smiling and never give up.


Hey! Now it's Yodo speaking! Just here to say that what Echo said is true about Icy. She's one of my bestest friends on Deviantart and on skype/online...etc. She's a very good listener and she's always there to help her friends, and oh boy does she improove fast. She's random at times but that's how we love her, I shouldn't talk I'm more random and even at bad times she can put a smile on my face. I really do wish to meet her soon in real life and give her a big hug! She's been through alot in my opinion, and so did I, but she's still there so so will I.


To do box/working on

If you do not see a commission or something I promised you in this box please message me about it.

TheBlazingEmber commish
Ceila, Cario, and Chester being super adorbs.
pokeball pb1 by deenji

pokeball pb0 by deenji

Titan-Sushi Collab
pokeball pb0 by deenji

yodobutts Commish. Light
pokeball pb0 by deenji

TheBlazingEmber headshot Flame
pokeball pb0 by deenji

Progress bars (c) deenji

LIvestreaming again, will take requests later 


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